The Rights of Marine Animals – Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong’s book, A Blue New Deal, now in paperback, is an urgent account of the state of our oceans today – and what we must do to protect them. The free chapter extracted below concentrates on the rights of marine animals. The ocean is first and foremost a home to many other species, and their interests should be at the heart of the struggle for ocean justice. The chapter argues for the protection of an important set of rights for all cetaceans, that is, whales, dolphins and porpoises. This is just an opening salvo in the case for animal rights at sea, though, and the chapter shows how we could go about building a defence of key rights for many other marine creatures.

Read the chapter and find out more about the book below.

About the Book

A Blue New Deal
Why We Need a New Politics for the Ocean
Chris Armstrong

“Provides a persuasive guide to recovery, and is an inspiring and invigorating read.”
Phoebe Weston, The Guardian

“Armstrong argues that the institutions and laws that govern our oceans are too fragmented, too weak and too amenable to vested interests to protect the marine environment from further destruction. . . . He makes his case for a new approach by exploring the mess we are in.”
Simon Ings, New Scientist

“This is a vision for bio-diversity, citizen-led governance, equality, sustainability and recovery, and the possibility of social and economic benefits for all.”
Jini Reddy, National Geographic

Find out more about the book

About the Author

Chris Armstrong is professor of political theory at the University of Southampton. He is the author of Global Distributive JusticeJustice and Natural Resources: An Egalitarian Theory, and Why Global Justice Matters: Moral Progress in a Divided World.

Featured image by Gabriel Dizzi on Unsplash

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