‘The Orphanage’ – An Extract

Written by Serhiy Zhadan, widely considered to be one of the most important young writers in Ukraine, The Orphanage is a searing novel that excavates the human collateral damage wrought by the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. When hostile soldiers invade a neighbouring city, Pasha, a thirty-five-year-old Ukrainian language teacher, sets out for the orphanage where his nephew Sasha lives, now in occupied territory. Venturing into combat zones, traversing shifting borders, and forging uneasy alliances along the way, Pasha realises where his true loyalties lie in an increasingly desperate fight to rescue Sasha and bring him home.

Written with a raw intensity, this is a deeply personal account of violence that will be remembered as the definitive novel of the war in Ukraine.

This extract is pages 1-7 of the novel.

The Orphanage is a devastating story of the struggle of civilians caught up in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Serhiy Zhadan is an internationally acclaimed poet, writer, essayist and translator. His previous books include Mesopotamia and What We Live For, What We Die For: Selected PoemsReilly Costigan-Humes translates literature from the Ukrainian and Russian. Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler is a translator and poet from New England.

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