Blooming Flowers by Kasia Boddy – An Extract

The fact that the daisy grows in so many places — native to western, central and northern Europe, it has naturalised in most temperate regions including the Americas and Australasia — makes it either the most democratic of flowers or a common weed, depending on your point of view.

Read all about the cultural history of daisies in this extract from Blooming Flowers: A Seasonal History of Plants and Flowers by Kasia Boddy.

Blooming Flowers: A Seasonal History of Plants and People

blooming flowers book coverBy Kasia Boddy

“This joyful, elegant study of how poets, philosophers and politicians have seen meaning in various types of flowers – from the Cold War symbol of “Daisy Girl” to D H Lawrence’s verdict on the daffodil (“ruffled birds on their perches”) – is a tour-de-force.”—Iona McLaren, The Daily Telegraph

“It’s not about gardening, nor is it about the structure or origins of plants, but a sort of engaging miscellany…There is much to be learnt on almost every page.”—Richard Eyre, The Sunday Times

[T]his lively and well-researched book is a garland of delights…Even among familiar flowers Boddy finds unexpected stories and connections.”—Peter Parker, Spectator

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