Back in Fashion: Globalisation, Luxury & Fast Fashion

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As recently as the late 1990s, fashion has started to play a new role in society. No longer something exceptional and of interest only to the rich, fashion has entered into our homes (and our consciousness) through television, the internet and social media.

In this extract from Back in Fashion: Western Fashion from the Middle Ages to the Present Day, author Giorgio Riello explores the globalisation of the ‘fashion system’, as well as why the ‘fast fashion’ and ‘luxury’ fashion sectors have been accused of exploiting a new international division of labour in the textile-clothing industry.

Back in Fashion: Western Fashion from the Middle Ages to the Present Day

By Giorgio Riello

“It is thrilling to read a book that is so full of brilliant and original ideas. Back in Fashion is a very important (and compulsively readable) contribution to the history of fashion.” — Valerie Steele



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