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We’re excited by the focus of AAH2016 (this year’s Association of Art Historians conference), which will highlight the diversity, scope and importance of art-historical research by innovatively exploring the relationship between art and architecture, art and science, art and history, art and economics, and more.

Yale’s art list also celebrates art history and how it interacts with other disciplines. To complement AAH2016, we have selected a range of interdisciplinary titles that touch on technology, politics, psychology, music, science and gender – all from an art historical perspective.

The City of Tomorrow

Art &…
the built environment

In The City of Tomorrow: Sensors, Networks, Hackers, and the Future of Urban Life internationally renowned architect Carlo Ratti shares his vision of how the city will evolve, ultimately becoming a technological space that is more responsive to its inhabitants.

‘Ratti and Claudel provide remarkable insights into the city of tomorrow. A book that everyone who is interested in the future – and that is all of us – should explore.’ – Michael Batty, University College London


Art &… Astro Noise

Art and politics merge in Astro Noise: A Survival Guide for Living Under Total Surveillance by Laura Poitras, which shows how artists and novelists respond to the modern-day condition of government surveillance. For this volume, Poitras has invited authors ranging from artists and novelists to technologists and academics to respond to a state of mass surveillance. Among them are the acclaimed author Dave Eggers, the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, the former Guantanamo Bay detainee Lakhdar Boumediene, the writer and researcher Kate Crawford and Edward Snowden, to name but a few.

Art &… The Invention of Desire

Advancing a conversation that is unfolding around the globe, Jessica Helfand offers an eye-opening look at how designed things make us feel as well as how – and why – they motivate our behaviour.


Find out more about Design: The Invention of Desire from the stunning website for the book, here.

Art &…

John Onians offers a provocative look at how the neural basis of the mind contributes to an understanding of art in Neuroarthistory: From Aristotle and Pliny to Baxandall and Zeki.

NeuroarthistoryEuropean Art


And he continues this theme in the forthcoming European Art: A Neuroarthistory, a bold revision of the history of European art, told through the lens of neuroscience.


Art &… The Art of Music

The blurring of boundaries between visual art and music resonates in The Art of Music by Patrick Coleman. The book sheds new light on more familiar artists at the intersection of the visual and the musical, such as Wassily Kandinsky and Arnold Schoenberg, and presents new scholarship on less well-known examples in the arts of Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, from antique pottery to contemporary video and sound art.

Abstract BodiesArt &…

Original and theoretically astute, David Getsy’s Abstract Bodies is the first book to apply the interdisciplinary field of transgender studies to the discipline of art history. He recasts debates around abstraction and figuration in 1960s art through a discussion of gender’s mutability and multiplicity, and examines abstract sculpture of the 1960s that came to propose unconventional and open accounts of bodies, persons and genders.

Find more like this in the latest Yale art catalogue:


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