Bookshop of the Month – The Book Case, Hebden Bridge

The Book Case Hebden Bridge is back in business, after several months of closure following floods that damaged much of the small West Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge on Boxing Day 2015. To celebrate this much anticipated reopening, The Book Case is our Bookshop of the Month for April.

Located in the middle of the beautiful Calder Valley, The Book Case is the perfect local bookshop, and a wonderful stop-off, popular with visitors and hikers. With a wide array of events including poetry readings, book launches and more, plus an incredibly supportive community, it is everything a local bookshop should be. We had a chat with Kate from The Book Case to find out more about the secret of their success!

The Book Case

The Book Case

The Book Case after the floods

Yale University Press: You recently reopened after being shut for several months due to terrible flooding. How does it feel to be up and running again?

Kate: It has been an arduous time for us but what has kept our spirits up has been the extraordinary support we have received from all quarters, both customers and book trade alike. Being open again has confirmed that we are in our rightful place and we are very happy indeed.

YUP: The Book Case has been firmly embedded in the Hebden Bridge community for over 30 years now and is still going strong! What’s your secret?

Kate: Our longevity in the area is due to having a very loyal and supportive customer base and hence we know their literary tastes well. Our staff has over 80 years bookselling experience and we are open to hearing to hear our customers’ recommendations for stock. We pride ourselves on always striving for improvement in customer service, stock holding and the overall shopping experience.

YUP: Any new books this season that you find particularly exciting?

Kate: We are particularly happy with the new Pevsner Architectural Guides. We are looking forward to the rest of the series coming out!

Pevsner Introductions


YUP: The picturesque Calder Valley surrounds you. What is it like to live and work in such a beautiful place?

Kate: Although the Calder Valley’s place in history is firmly linked to the industrial revolution, as its valley bottoms being dotted with Blake’s “dark satanic mills” it now is a place of breathtaking natural beauty; a mixture of stunningly rugged open moorland, ancient wooded hillsides and lush meadowland. When the weather is kind it is wonderful walking country, a fine way to arrive and leave work!

YUP: Now that you have reopened and are back in business, what can we expect from The Book Case over the next few months?

Kate: We are looking forward to a new series of book launches and poetry readings; the restocking of the shelves with new and back titles; and of course the general day to day running of the shop, coloured by enquiries and conversations with the customers we have missed since our enforced closure at the end of last year.

You can visit The Book Case website here or in person here

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday 10am till 5.30pm
Sunday 12pm till 4pm

Depending on staffing levels The Book Case may close for lunch from 1pm till 1.30pm on weekdays.

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