General Election 2015: Get Ready, Get Reading!

General Election 2015. Get Ready! Get Reading!

The UK general election is fast approaching. Despite current Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion that he wants to see the job through, this election looks set to keep us guessing to the last, with both Conservative and Labour parties seeing mixed success in recent polls.

From austerity to Europe, education to equality, there are many national and international issues on the agenda this election. We asked environmental economist Dieter Helm, author of Natural Capital: Valuing the Planet, to introduce one key election theme, the environment, in this short video.


Get ready and get reading with our specially selected Election 2015 bookshelf:

Peter Singer, The Most Good You Can Do   Hubris,   Dieter Helm, Natural Capital    Cass R. Sunstein, Why Nudge?    Tom Clarke, Hard Times    Florian Schui, Austerity    The Passage to Europe   9780300209327 9780300189926

Dieter Helm is Fellow in Economics, New College, Oxford. He is also Professor of Energy Policy and Professorial Research Fellow, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford.

More videos available on the Yale Books YouTube channel.

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