Interaction of Color: Josef Albers at Somerset House

A new exhibition ‘Form through Colour: Josef Albers, Anni Albers and Gary Hume’ opened at Somerset House this month and demonstrates the continuing relevance of Josef Albers’ work, a year after his seminal book Interaction of Color, celebrated its 50th anniversary with the launch of a ground-breaking digital edition. The Interaction of Color app is on display as part of the exhibition, and showcases the transformative potential of this digital platform whilst upholding the design, language and poetic nature of Albers’ original print treatise.

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, Yale Books is giving away one free download code for the full version of the Interaction of Color app via Twitter this week. Follow us @YaleBooks for more information.

Form Through Colour at Somerset House, an appreciation

The exhibition includes original textiles from Christopher Farr in the form of floor to ceiling rug displays, woven cloths and soft furnishings, accompanied by prints by Gary Hume, Josef Albers and Anni Albers. These prints and designs are rarely displayed in public and creatively show the work of three complimentary colourists. There is a sense of serendipity between the two art forms, with the use of fabric as a fitting accompaniment to Albers’ own prints and ideas about perspective in art and colour. Access to the recently launched Interaction of Color app via iPads installed in the gallery demonstrates the progression of Albers’ own teaching, offering the viewer a unique opportunity to experiment with colour amongst the original works. There is also a tactile dimension to the exhibition, as viewers are encouraged to touch the hand woven rugs on display. The exhibition has been conceived to showcase the innovative and imaginative use of colour in art, inspired by Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color, and succeeds in this aim. Each of the series in the exhibition shows a simple but staggering use of colour, revealing how Josef Albers’ design principles work across a range of mediums.

The 50th Anniversary edition as well as a 3-volume boxed set of Interaction of Color are available from Yale University Press.
The Interaction of Color app is available to buy and download from the iTunes store.

Exhibition runs daily 10.00–18.00 at Somerset House, 5 June–31 August 2014, admission free.

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