Yale University Press launches its Autumn / Winter 2012 seasonal catalogue

Yale's beautiful Autumn / Winter 2012 catalogue

Yale’s beautiful Autumn / Winter 2012 catalogue

Yale’s Autumn / Winter seasonal catalogue is available now to order and download. Today we take a quick look at some of the intriguing and fascinating books available later this year, including the exclusive Richard Burton Diaries and the charming A Little History of Science.

It’s always a thrill when the new seasonal catalogue arrives at the Yale London office from the printers. Having seen the sheer breadth of books available in the second half of 2012, I can reveal that the Autumn / Winter list is one of Yale’s best and boldest yet. For fashion fans  who are intrigued by the catalogue’s glossy cover, it’s an image from the lavishly illustrated history of the handbag (Handbags, p16).

The catalogue, which is now available to order and download from Yale’s website, contains plenty of fascinating, beautiful and intelligent books to look forward to this season. You’ll have to read the catalogue to find out more, but highlights include William F. Bynum’s A Little History of Science (p1), The Richard Burton Diaries, published in their entirety for the very first time (p3), Rosemary Ashton’s fabulous London history book Victorian Bloomsbury (p10) and the major exhibition catalogue to the blockbuster Matisse show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the Pompidou Centre, Paris (p33).

Yale’s acclaimed current affairs list continues to grow, with new titles looking at Italian politics (Good Italy, Bad Italy, p8), Syria and fall of Bashar Al-Assad (Syria, p9), and an important new book on climate change (The Carbon Crunch, p14). Other intriguing titles include J.H Elliott’s book on the craft of being a historian (History in the Making, p6), Geoffrey Parker’s analysis of war, climate change and catastrophe in the 17th century (Global Crisis, p7) and Nicholas Rose’s rich new biography of John Keats (John Keats: A New Life, p11).

There are simply too many titles to mention here (and I haven’t even covered the fantastic range of new art books from The National Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art), but highlights from Yale’s art list include a groundbreaking exploration of the social, cultural and artistic effects of fashion during the Impressionist era (Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity p35) and a powerful new book on war photography (War/Photography, p12).

Order or download the catalogue and see for yourself or explore Yale’s UK/Europe and overseas website to see what’s coming up. Autumn and Winter 2012 looks like it will be a very exciting publishing season indeed.

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