Pevsner The Buildings of Wales series – Shortlisted for The Dewi-Prys Thomas Prize 2009

“With Gwynedd the seventh and final volume of The Buildings of Wales has finally been published. Now, wherever you travel in Wales, a copy of the relevant Pevsner will help to add knowledge, understanding and often a surge of sheer pleasure when encountering the buildings that form our cultural heritage.”
– The Dewi-Prys Thomas Prize 2009

Dewi-Prys Thomas, after whom the prize has been named, was an inspirational teacher, a talented architect and an advocate for Wales and the Welsh environment. For over twenty years he was the head of the Welsh School of Architecture. The prize named after him is given to the scheme which, in the judges’ opinion, has contributed most to improving the Welsh environment or our understanding of it over the period 2006 to 2009. Nominations have ben received that cover works in architecture, urban design, public art and landscape. In addition, the longer-term contributions of individuals and organisations involved with environmental issues in Wales have also been brought to the attention of the judges. In all, forty-seven nominations were received from which the judges first selected a long-list of eleven. This was then narrowed down to a shortlist of seven from which the winner will be announced at the award ceremony.

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