Winner of Wolfson History Prize 2009: Dance in the Renaissance

Wolfson Prize WinnerYale is glad to announce Dance in the Renaissance: European Fashion, French Obsession by Margaret M. McGowan has been awarded the prize for this year.

The Wolfson History Prizes, which were established in 1972, are awarded annually to promote and encourage standards of excellence in the writing of history for the general public. Prizes are given annually, usually for two exceptional works published during the year, with an occasional oeuvre prize (a general award for an individual’s distinguished contribution to the writing of history).  The judges are Sir Keith Thomas FBA (Chairman), Dame Averil Cameron DBE FBA, Professor Richard Evans FBA and Sir David Cannadine FBA.

Past Yale winners of the prize:

2005 Professor Evelyn Welch
Shopping in the Renaissance

1998 Dr Amanda Vickery
The Gentleman’s Daughter

1992 Professor Linda Colley
Britons: Forging the Nations 1707 – 1837

1991 Professor John Bossy
Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair

1990 Professsor Colin Platt
The Architecture of Medieval Britain

1986 Professor J H (Sir John) Elliott
The Count Duke of Olivares – A Statesman in Decline

1984 Dr Maurice Keen

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